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Independent Living

Safely Home’s Independent Living Program (ILP) is designed to assist clients in preparing to be self-sufficient and live successfully in the community. While clients reside at Safely Home they receive life skills training in the following areas: Money Management; Consumer Awareness/Shopping, Health and Safety, Leisure Time; Household Responsibilities and Maintenance; and Job Search and Maintenance. These areas total approximately 270 clock hours of independent living training per year.

Safely Home’s ILP further enhances the acquisition of Independent Living skills by supporting the adolescent’s selection of vocation and employment goals. The client must complete 120 hours of community service, which instills in the client an awareness of community needs and the individual’s responsibility to serve their community. The youth also benefits from the experience of being required to be on time for work and/or appointments, follow directions and complete responsibilities. Performance in community service will help define the youth’s career interests and may result in employment recommendations.

Safely Home’s ILP encourages clients to take the next step in their treatment in helping themselves grow into adulthood. This program provides skills to clients enabling them to become an asset to any community.